I have had 2 surgeries on my wrist. I shattered it skating. I did not have insurance when I broke it and was on medical for the first surgery. Well after about a year or so, the pain became excruciating. As I had no insurance, I couldn't get it checked out. I kept going to the emergency room and they kept telling me all the hardware looked good. But they kept prescribing me norco. Well eventually when I couldn't take it anymore, I finally got an appointment with orthepedics at the hospital where I had my first surgery done. Still no answers, yet, still getting prescribed norcos. I had insurance by this time, called MIA which was offered at the hospital (arrowhead reginal medical center). It only lasted a year. Well for about 8 months I just kept getting norcos. They said it was probably arthritis or carpultunnel. Well eventually I demanded something be done. I was in so much pain. So finally Dr. Mudge said let's take all the hardware out and see if that helps. they did the surgery and the hardware was so messed up. The screws were stripped into my bone and the plate had fused into my bone. So esentially they had to break my wrist again to remove the hardware. (Chipped bone away) I was in a cast for about 2 months and was prescribed norco the entire time. So it had been about 1.5 years that I had been taking the norco and my MIA insurance had expired so was unable to go to docs anymore. I ran out of norcos and began suffering withdrawls. They were terrible. The worst thing I have ever had to deal with. I began buying norcos and vicodins off the street. I couldn't handle the withdrawls. Now I know that was dumb. I just dug the hole deeper and now I'm stuck. I have no insurance, I'm on uneployment, and most of my free money goes to norcos. I need help, advice, suggestions on what I can do to get off this drug. I feel its destroying my life. I NEED to get off this. What do I do? Please help.