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Suggestion for headache relief, since I can only take low grade aspirin with brilinta?

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masso 13 Mar 2015

I recommend you google "headache home remedies", you will get plenty of results.
I hope your pain goes away soon.

Best of luck,

wshoneycutt 13 Mar 2015

thank you!

masso 14 Mar 2015

You are welcome.

Davidnhb17 8 May 2017

Hi. I had a stent placed in my right carotid artery almost two weeks ago. While in the hospital, it was detetmined that I am "Plavix resistant" and was prescribed Brilinta. I've developed severe throbbing headaches. CT scan showed I had a small hemorrhage in my brain but it has not grown in size. I and apparently doctors do not know which is causing the pain. I'm hoping one wsy or another the pain goes away. Dr. has prescribed Norco for pain. Can anyone comment on my situation?

David S.

kaismama 14 Mar 2015

What is low grade aspirIn? You can't take anything but tylenol. Try ice to your head and neck. free discount card

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