So I used to suffer from tonsillitis fairly often as a child but it was always seen as a nice little time off school to chill and watch TV. This however Is the most painful thing I've ever experienced.I went to doc's 2 weeks ago and she said it was a swollen tonsil and prescribed a 10 day course of penicillin. After about 3 days penicillin was my white night I loved the stuff,don't worry I finished the 10 days regardless. BUT about 4 days after the course I felt it returning and damn was I right I think it's back for vengeance. I am on my third day and my condition is terrible, I can't swallow anything without extreme pain, a result is I've hardly eaten anything. paracetamol barely works
works. I sleep throughout the entire day but at random times and in short bursts of about 2 hours. AND they're so bad that when I talk I sound like Mr Bean, which is about as far from a joke as possible.
Has anyone gone through such a thing l,and is there any help you can give to someone like me who believes that if any illness was to take my life it would be this.
TLDR - tonsillitis causes me to be unable to swallow without extreme pain and sound like Mr Bean