Clonazepam for 4 years at 1 mlg 3 times per . Adderoll and anti depressant for 2 yrs. Just cold Turkey quit about 3 Weeks ago. I am having some kind of crazy withdrawals but don't know from which drug or how long its all going to last. The clonazepam was prescribed due to panic attacks. The adderoll was I did not need it, just liked the high and got way out of control and anti depressant was recommended by Dr. so I was getting a large amount of clonazepam and adderoll and the antidepressant prescribed all from one Dr. I thought the adderoll was killing me so I finally just stopped it all. I felt like I was going to die either way. But I'm here and I thank my Father in heaven. My problem is that I cannot hardly fall asleep and when I do I have these dreams that seem so real so then when I can't sleep any more and I wake up I am just a mess. It starts out with me sitting there trying to figure out what's real and not from my crazy sleep, then I'm a crying mess. I'm not a very pleasant person at all. Its aweful pain. I'll finally feel ok for a bit bit then its time to try to go back to sleep and it just starts all over again. Every day and night this happens. Its been almost 3 Weeks. I'm now working with a new primary care physician who I like, but with all due respect, she has not experienced this. So anyone who has been through this or something close, can I get some advice on how to maybe get through this a little easier?? Thanks