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I have been suffering severe panic attacks for almost 20 years and have been taking Xanax during th?

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MacIntosh12 7 Feb 2013

Hi Tanyakim, you can add more info my clicking on "add more info to my question", easy as can be.
We need more info to help answer your query.
Best wishes to you.

Inactive 8 Feb 2013

I agree with Mac. I may be able to help with more information. Ruthie

tanyakim 8 Feb 2013

I have been suffering severe panic attacks for almost 20 years and have been on zoloft during this time and am using up to 4mg per day of Xanax to control these. My doctor has now put me on valium but they make me feel flat, although they have helped with the severity of feeling a panic attack coming on, but I would like to remain on xanax as they make me feel a lot better than the valium. Can anyone recommend a doctor in Melbourne area that is more receptible to prescribing Xanax as if I could just keep staying on them on a regular basis, I know that they work a miracle for me. Any help or advice would be appreciated. The thought of not being on xanax fills me with fear and my doctor is already talking about me cutting down on the valium within the next 4 weeks but I have tried to come off these tablets and I end up in square one again. I just want to be happy - why is it that they will prescribe all these other medications, but not the one that really works for me - as long as it is monitored. free discount card

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