Hi, here is my story - I delivered a baby 6 months ago and was diagnosed with a UTI shortly after delivery. I was treated with antibiotic and was fine for a few weeks until the symptoms returned and I was diagnosed and treated once again. Since then, the problem has gotten MUCH worse. I am now getting these UTIs back to back. I began seeing a urologist after the 3rd infection. All of my urine infections have been confirmed with cultures (and treated with sensitive antibiotics) yet they continue to return. I am at my wit's end. I had a cystoscopy performed which showed my bladder looked good on the inside however no answers re: the UTIs. I am currently on nightly low dose of keflex, yet here I am feeling like I have yet another infection and am waiting for the results of a culture for confirmation.

I have been on countless antibiotics, including strong ones like cipro & levaquin. I inevitably get a bad yeast infection following each course of antibiotics. It is a terrible cycle.

I take Ellura & probiotics for prevention, but I continue to get these infections.

Please, anyone, help me! I am otherwise young and healthy apart from these terrible infections.