I have been taking lutera for 9 months everyday at the same time. I've never missed a pill. Last month my boyfriend and I had sex, he used a condom which eventually broke but he pulled out and we think came entirely outside. 4 days later I'm pretty sure I got my period... It was heavy like normal and progressed gradually, had clots, and filled pads and tampons. The next month my boyfriend and I decided to abstain from sexual activity like that and four weeks later I took a couple of pregnancy tests that came up negative. I then got my period I'm pretty sure. It lasted a while and filled pad and a tampon, had clots and such but I'm still worried about pregnancy! It worries me that I'm still worried... I read about girls who had no symptoms, what they thought were periods and negative pregnancy tests and we're still pregnant. What if that's me? I'm still so anxiety ridden. Please help