Hello Doctor
My brother is suffering from parkinson disease His age is 57 years. He is suffering from the disease for the past 25 years.
Right now he is taking medicines
1) Amantrel night
2) Sindopa 1/2 tabs morning and evening
3) Neurobian and pacitine.
Right now his condition is
1) Voice has come down, difficulty in speaking
2) He looses grip around 10AM, and after taking syndopa after 1/2-1hr he gets gri for eating and bathing. But the side effect is he is walking on toes
and able to rest his feed on the heels. In the process is falling frequently.
Can you suggest alternate drug to syndopa
3) Early morinig he goes for walk witjout any problem
4) Night he goes for frequent urination . He is having difficulty getting up and my father to assist him. If he falls down somebody has to pull him up. After taking syndoa 1/2 tab he is able to get up but walking problem is present
Can you please alternate drug to syndopa ?
5) Is stem cell therepy can alleviate if not 100% but atleast good enough that he can do his own work?