... that I have a very looped and redundant intestine. I workout, eat well, drink lots of water.
Every day I have to do a workout to move my bowels. I also suffer from belly pain, bloating and gas just about every afternoon. I feel that it is getting worse. When I bear down to move my bowel it feels like something closes. I have to pull upwards to move my bowels. I spend about 45 minutes a day for minima result. It is exhausting. I never feel the need to go to the bathroom. I took about 300mg of magnesium at night and thought I found the cure but that has stopped working. Dr has prescribed Linzess and Trulance (separately). I had diarrhea and couldn't leave the house. Not what I call normal bowel movement at all. I feel very unhealthy and concerned. It feel this having too much of an affect on my daily life HELP!