Yes... It has been a while, and now unfortunately I have returned. I have fallen off of the band wagon once again... I tried to do it right this time, I called the local clinic for help on getting an rx for suboxone... Well, because I pay for my own insurance, I was told at one place that they couldn't help me. The second place I called would require me to pay 3,500 out of pocket because I carry insurance AND I would have to travel 2 hours once a week to see a counselor as well as pay them $120 each session... Now what in the hell is wrong with that picture?? Only the people who have medicaid get to be on the program?? And not only that, but they are the ones who are selling their stuff to people like me. I'm not saying anything negative about people who have medicaid... If you need it, then you are entitled to have it. But why are those struggling and having to fork out hundreds a month to pay for their own insurance suffering the most??? Discrimination or what??? Total BS. If I had the proper help that I needed, I wouldn't be in this mess. Nor would half of society... I hate this!!!