I have been fighting it for a little over 2 years now. Im seeing a doctor for my pain a digestive health specialist & a g.i. endoscopic ultrasound specialist. For my pain we are trying to find the right things of what I need to just be able to have the pain manageable & not killing me all the time. I messed myself up pretty bad. Last week the endo Dr told me that when entering my pancreas its so beat up he could'nt see anything until turning on the ultrasound part. We did a celiac plexus block wich doesnt seem to be working. Got off subject a little. So we tried fentanyl patch wich didnt help much but the worse part was it left chemical burns on me after removing it & I still have a few bad scars from it. So then he put me on 12hr 10mg oxycintin that I didnt feel at all helping me so he bumped me up to 20mgs & still didnt feel it. So instead of trying to go up more he changed it to ms contin (morphine) 30mg felt them a little bit but not much still. So then he bumped it up to 60mgs & they are helping a little bit. But my main concern is that I remember in the past taking a couple different kinds of 12hr meds one was allergy pill & something else. I have always had some kind of gut issues & ibs for quite a few years now & I remember taking these pills but then seeing them in my stool when I would go to the bathroom. With the problems I have now I use the bathroom quite a bit in 12hrs. So I am wondering if I could be having these same problems with an extended pill ? They are basicly the same thing in that one way right ? Is it going to make a difference just because they're pain pills ? I havent been checking my stool yet (kinda just barely thought about this) but I am from now on. Problem is I dont really wanna b feeling through it or anything like that so hopefully Ill be able to tell or have a few loose stools to help me. Well so thats my ? Would it be the same reaction as in the past