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Anybody suffer from post sepsis syndrome?

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BuckarooBanzai 21 Nov 2017

I am sorry to say, the more pertinent question is, "Does anybody NOT suffer from Post Sepsis Syndrome?"

My case of sepsis was very brief; I was only in the hospital for four days. I did not suffer organ failure or need to be ventilated, etc. Heck, I wasn't even in the ICU. But, even I have a form of Post Sepsis Syndrome.

Every case is different. It seems we all suffer from 'something'. How bad that 'something' is seems heavily dependent upon the severity and length of the sepsis attack.

remah2005 21 Nov 2017

I suffer from pss as well. I am sorry you are going through this. I have been told that it will eventually get better. When things seem really tough, remind yourself that you are a survivor and to continue to pace yourself.

BuckarooBanzai 21 Nov 2017

Thank you for your support. :)

All of the physicians I have spoken with about this topic agree with you. They have all said I should be back to normal within twelve months of the episode.

My most troubling symptom is cognitive decline. I was a graduate student in mathematics prior to my latest sepsis episode. Now, I can no longer write proofs.

Limberly 1 Jun 2018

I had septic shock and multi system organ failure in December after neck surgery. I was on a ventilator for 4 days and had part of my colon removed. I spent all of Dec till the 26th in tnt hospital. I can’t get over my anger. I can’t figure out why the hospital didn’t catch it before I almost died. Besides that I’m fine. My doctors and therapists say I’m a miracle. I do notice that sometimes I have to search for a word or can’t remember a name of a movie star. But I’m still really good a jeopardy My husband and kids say I have ptss. Thinking about drs sets me off. My husbands having surgery and he googled his surgeon. I asked him if he googled mine before I had surgery. He hadn’t. So I yelled at him for an hour because he let me get mutilated. The other thing is that I have very little memory of Dec. and that is driving m crazy. I’ll do anything to get my memory back. free discount card

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