hell is what I feel like when I walk amogst other things I suffer from (guillian-barre-sydrome) and it effects the mylin coating on the spine of unknown reasons I had this at 19 and was fully paralyzed by 19 and a half but its been over 20 yrs and my feet hurt so bad it hurts possibly worse because I found that my bathroom panals werer filled with black mold in wich I am trying to find a layer for that matter but living with the nurapathy has been horrible and my question is the black mold discovered making it worse along with age,I wanted to be a nurse but it did not become possible just wanted to know why its so painful and living with this has become almost unbearable after the black mold was discovered please help me with my questions shoes,socks,ortho inserts do not help is their a more better way of determining if the black mold has worsened it and if so how do I get the help I need to ease my mind future etc thx