I have DDD, Spondilothesis, grade 1 Scoliosis and Arthritis. I had L-5/S-1 surgery. I am only 42 and just found out about the arthritis in my hips. I was hoping it was a pulled groin muscle. I have had steroid injections, very painful probey shock thingies, NSAIDs Lidoderm patches,Zanaflex, Elavil, tenz, PT, spinal stim trial (it went horribly wrong) right now my quality of life is rapidly declining. I don't want to go back to using but I can't continue to hurt like this. Right now I'm getting the MD shuffle, PCM, Pain Interventionist, Orthopedic Surgeon, and now a Pain Management Specialist. Besides opiates what other options are there? I'm feeling pretty frustrated and hopeless.