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I suffer with Gad, severe panic disorder and ptsd. Doc recently decided to try low dose xanax for r?

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Bleuidcowgirl 7 Nov 2013

Xanax does work well if you give it time. It's not a cure all but does help with taking the edge off enough to sleep or come down from the panic state. Please remember you are your own advocate, only you know what is going on inside your body and mind. If you are hesitant do more research.
Good luck

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tlanier 8 Nov 2013

Thankyou ;) i also wanted to ask, is it normal to feel very tired when starting xanax? Im on lowest dose 0.25 mg. Or will my system become use to it after a couple weeks and i wont feel so tired?

Bleuidcowgirl 8 Nov 2013

Yes it's very common. Your body is going through chemical changes trying to break down the new meds. It's supposed to put you in a mellow mood. Try to take it at different times to see what's going to be best for you. Also try with food or without food.

chuck1957 8 Nov 2013

Tianier i agree 100 percent with bleucow you did not say what other meds you are on but xanax is used exacly the way the doctor said or if its as needed to get you through the extreem anxiety or panic attack and i feel with myself it is one of the best i keep it on hand all the time for breakthrough anxiety or after a panic attack i have pretty much all you have and then some but just make sure it sounds like a low dose but you can not compair dose of .25 or .5 like a very low dose mg's do not compaire because they are different drugs its a life saver for many used only the way the doctor says... good luck my friend day at a time.welcome and always good to come to a place you can talk to people with same type problems have a great week. Chuck Wise Retired Pharmacy Technician certified licenced pharmacy technician Portland,Oregon

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tlanier 8 Nov 2013

Thankyou so much. I also take zoloft. Been on it 8 yrs. It just doesnt work anymore. I take 150mg once a day. Is their any other med i could eventually replace the zoloft with that tackles all day anxiety and panic symptoms? Ive heard about valium. Lots of success stories with it. But if ur like me im scared of pills.

Bleuidcowgirl 8 Nov 2013

I like pristiq. Not Effexor

chuck1957 9 Nov 2013

Tianier no now days the xanax works much better than valium and safer,the one prestiq is very good to avoid all the panic and anxiety etc taken many times with the xanax ect..zoloft was one of the first ssri and many people i know have burned out on it encluding myself at 200mg hope this helps some my friend
Chuck Wise Sr. retired pharmacy technician Cpht oregon. free discount card

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