I drive a taxi and can't take a drug or many drugs that will make me tired. I know a lot of them do make you drowsy for the most part that's OK. They have me on bupropion 300mg xl for the depression and hydroxyzine for anxiety and panic attacks but after three days I was tired 100% of the time so I stopped the hydroxyzine, about 2 days later I could drive again without being that tired. Sense I have been on the bupropion it seems my anxiety and panic attacks have 70% more aggressive and now on daily basis. I just started with a new mental health doctor Dec 5 '15. I have been on the bupropion for almost 12-13 weeks now. I try talking to my doctor about it but he has a full schedule and its hard to get in to see him. I have been suffering from these for almost 14 years but moved last year with new doctor they changed up my meds from old ones. Fluoxetine 40mg for my depression and alprazolam for anxiety and panic attacks. I was stable but not happy or getting better that's why they changed it. Now I'm wondering if going back would be better. But getting alprazolam now is like pulling teeth. Thank you and I hope I gave enough info. No achahol, no unprescribed drugs and no smoking.