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I suffer from really bad back pain today my doctor gave me EMTEC 30 I Dont know what is is??

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charitylaraye 7 Aug 2013

I found out that's Tylenol 3 I found out that it in some people it doesn't help the pain at all. I have back pain as well from a slip and fall I take hydrocodone 10/325 and muscle relaxers Robaxin during the day and Flexeril at night. if the Tylenol doesn't work for you maybe ask your dr. about the hydrocodone it works really well. I pray that this was helpful and that you feel better soon

snakelady628 17 Aug 2013

Be Careful taking the Medication because it is tylenol and we can only use so much tylenol per day.. So, if you feel the Meds aren't working by all means dont take more and more. If I may suggest from experience with a failed back surgery, please try to avoid opiod medications unless its really really needed. Its a road that's tough to be on and dependence comes with it if its used for long term. I myself have been on Opiods for 10 years now and I would give anything to turn the clock back and change what has happened but I cannot.
Proceed with caution with meds and if something doesn't work by all means try and get something else that will but PLEASE try and avoid Hydrocodone or any other opiods unless you need it. A few years back I was placed on Restoril for sleep and i was uneducated about it.. if I knew now what I knew then.. I may of changed to a lower drug to help me sleep. Having said that.. get educated about the drugs you are taking and be aware of the good and the bad.
Also, Painful as it may be just stretching in the morning and maybe a light walk in the afternoon is start with, you will be surprised how much better that can make you feel. I know doing that stuff is hard cause you are in pain but push yourself.. not to the point you are hurting yourself more but enough to keep you mobile and not on a couch/bed for extended periods. I learned all this from experience.. We may get help from our Dr. and advise but remember we are the key ourselves in our recovery. I wish you well and hope you will come through this and be back to your normal self. Take care and sending Blessings.. Snake

BCRICK30 17 Aug 2013

Thank you Snakelady I really Aperchate your comment
I am now off my Medicine And feeling better But thank you for your concern
And Your comment!! Richard Burnett Vancouver Canada

snakelady628 18 Aug 2013

Great to hear! and I hope you are feeling better too. I know back pain stinks and it can change your life drastically. Take care xo, Snake free discount card

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