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Suddenly severe lower intestine pain (colon)?

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kathyhanson 26 Jun 2013

If it is on the lower right side, and you have nausea, fever, or sweating, go to the hospital. It could be appendicitis. Other than appendicitis, it could be anything from gas pockets to a serious intestinal disorder. You did not give enough info for me to help you much.

skeeter b 26 Jun 2013

I agree with Rae got right to the ER,it sounds like appendicitis !

endlessPred 26 Jun 2013

If you notice any rectal bleeding it could be very serious. Also if vomiting or doubled over. Please see someone now. Thanks.

ken31gin 26 Jun 2013

Could be a bowel obstruction, my daughter had this and it is very serious. Sorry if I scare you but you need to be scared enough to go to a doctor, now!!! Please go to the ER or your doctors now, the longer you wait the worse it could get.
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