It started with my left ear, which hurt and was itchy. The itching was unbearable, so after scratching it these lil red bumps started to spread from ear to ear, under my jawline, down my neck and around my face! I'm so incredibly scared that it'll reach my eyes. The skin under my chin has spliced open for a horrible wound.. I cannot even convey the horrific itching. The BURNING. I am miserable all day with this and I know the scratching is bad, but I can't help what happens through osmosis. I take trazedone 150mg because I also have chronic back pain from an injury and that's the only way I can sleep as of yet. I've had hives before, but nothing has the caliber of these bumps as far as searing, burning pain and uncontrollable itching. My ears have sort of slightly scabbed over and leak an oozing, yellowish pus all day long. My ears have also swelled to twice their size.