So I have been taking Buspar since Fall of 2016 after being diagnosed with anorexia and severe anxiety. In treatment they gradually upped the does until I was taking the max: 20 mg 3x a day. It worked wonderfully, and besides some tiredness, I had no issues with the drug.

(Side note: I had also been taking Lexapro, but weaned slowly off of it about 6 months ago.)

My concern is this: Lately, when I take my Buspar, I am feeling worse. I actually feel a lot of the same withdrawal symptoms I felt when coming off Lexapro: tired/sleepy, dizziness, brain zaps, a general out-of-it feeling, etc.

I am very confused as to why I am suddenly feeling this way. Could it be that the dose is now too high for my body, as I am much healthier than last year? has anyone else experienced something like this? Is it time to talk to a doctor about possibly going on a lower dose? Thanks for any help.