after 8 months of taking it. Over the past two months it has just gotten worse and worse. I have a Dr. appt. on 12/10/13 but he is my neurologist I see for my severe migraines and I can't afford a psychiatrist visit. I'm scared he'll tell me he is not qualified to test another medication on me. I have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, PTSD, Disassociation, and Severe Depression/Anxiety for 13 years now - (after multiple incestual and other sexual traumas and childhood disturbances) I am only 25 years old. I need relief. I can't take the monster in my head and what it is doing to my loved ones. I'm so tired of fighting this. I am very sad to see that Viibryd is going down as just another failed medication for me. Does anyone have advice on keeping my rage down and the thoughts quite until next Tuesday? And also if anyone has suggestions based on my diagnoses for a medication that may finally work for me... please--- please tell me.

Feeling for past 2 months: rage, suicidal ideation/thoughts, crying spells, anorexia, dermatillomania, anxiety, severe daily depression.