About a week ago I noticed a red spotted mark on my right antecubital fossa in the morning. I didn't take much notice as it didn't hurt, feel any different and wasn't even raised.
A few days later (yesterday morning) I awoke to an intense pain in my right wrist and I saw that the red marks were spreading down my forearm in small clusters. It was at this point I thought that something might be wrong. The pain gradually subsided over the course of the day and the marks became less pronounced.
This morning my left wrist had an even more intense pain accompanied with a darkened mark on my inner wrist that almost looked like dirt. There were deep red marks on my left antecubital fossa too and a few up my forearm. Again the pain subsided gradually during the day but the pain is still there currently, and the marks have faded slightly like last time.
I am starting to get even more worried as I feel as thought the pain may be even more intense tomorrow morning and might even have to use an elastic wrist support as moving the wrist in the morning even the slightest was a nightmare.
I have not currently been to the doctors as I would just like to ask this question online first before I have to take time out of school to get this checked out.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I would appreciate it if you could answer my question - Alex