I am from NZ and I have been prescribed and had positive results taking Ritalin LA during the day 40-60mg and citalopram in the evening for the past three years, for diagnosed ADD with associated anxiety disorder.
Once the adjustment period was over I have had no adverse side effects or issues (other than possibly being more prone to skin infections/acne, although fustrating the benefits of the medication have outweighed this).
However at my regular GP visit today he expressed concern at my sudden weigh loss and wants to send me for all sorts of blood tests, and indicated it was most likely my medication?
I lost 6kgs since my previous 3 monthly check up, although this is not usual for me I hadnt thought it would be due to my medication, and Im not unhappy about it either.
I feel my doctor doesn't like prescribing the medication and I am concerned he has a bias rather than a real concern, as he did not ask me any questions about the loss of weight such as has your diet changed or are you exercising more recently (I have not, but thought it odd the didn't inquire about this), He just said it is most likely your medication and we need blood tests?
I have never lost any weight on this medication before, have a consistant appetite, and my blood pressure was normal. I could be a bit stressed as I have been working long hours and very busy as a single mum and I'm not having any health issues other than being a little tired.. given my lifestyle I'm not concerned or surprised.
So my question really is... Is it likely for sudden weight loss to be a side effect of the medication after 3yrs? and if so what sort of side effects could I have or what should be tested for?