I am 66. I have "asthmatic bronchitis" or also diagnosis from Pulmonary Dr. that I have been going to for around 5 years, as just asthma. Not sure where the "bronchitis" diagnosis came from, but my primary internist has this in his records from somewhere.? (Have been going to this doctor about 5 years also).. Pulmonary Dr. is also my Sleep Dr. (have sleep apnea).
I did smoke for 25 years, but quit 14 yrs ago. I do know that I developed a thyroid problem after beginning Lithium medication around 12 yrs. ago. I do take Synthroid daily. I gradually stopped 900 mg Lithium per day over several months, and It has been out of my system at least 2 months. I do know that Lithium affects thyroid hormone levels. I haven't really been able to find much information related to problems that can happen after STOPPING long term use of Lithium. Stopping sweating in the South is MOST unusual, but also I do stay out of the heat and humidity as much as possible. I live in air-conditioned apartment. Still, in the past, NOT sweating was not a problem at all--even inside. I really don't have any idea where to begin classifying this problem.