I have recently just started my 7th packet of birth control. I take it everyday at the same time almost religiously (I have set an alarm on my phone). Since I have started my 7th pack I was about an hour late on the very first birth control pill because I was driving. I took it as soon as I reached my destination. However, later that day I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. I believe he may have went to deep and bothered my cervix because it was hurting during sex and there was a lot of pressure. Also, I was bleeding a little right after. The pain in my lower abdomen did not go away for about another two days. I am still a little worried I might be pregnant because it has been about 7 days and I am experiencing a loss of appetite and nausea. (the nausea feels like when I first started taking birth control) Is there a chance I could still be pregnant even though I am on birth control?
Birth Control: MonoNessa