It was around 6am, I was awake from slept due to sudden heart beat disorder. My heart beat very fast, and I can event heard the beating sound, just like the drum. It took about few minute to slow down back to normal. I had my BP check in the noon, and it was over the normal standard(120-80), 132-84(normal high), if it goes up 8 more, it will hit the heart attack BP(140). The doctor gave me 40mg propanolol and asked me to take half tablet if I feel my heart beat disorder, he also told me that this medicine is same as the one take by the heart attack patients. In the following days, I still can feel some heart beat disorder, I will took half tablet after that, till now I had took 4 half tablets. If this conditions continue, will it bring me to heart attack?

For your information, now I am in the period of exam, will this be one of the factor?

I also had fits(start from June 2006), but I had stop the medication in mid of 2009 after taking medicine for about 3 years. Heart beat disorder will bring me back to fits?