I had the same Psychiatrist and the same medications for 10 yr. He left suddenly and my knew Dr. is changing my medications. I am not doing well.
I need to know if there is a support group I could join that shares experiences regarding the sudden change medications just because they have a new doctor. My last Dr put me on the highest amount of Adderall allowed. Two 30 mg capsules..XR three times a day. I don't know how it happened. I thought it was great..no down time, no side effect. I learned two yrs into it that it was highly unusual from a new pharmacist. He also prescribed Klonopin, which of the two might have the worse long term effects. But the Adderall XR has a calming effect, so I don't take five . 1mg tabs of Klonopin a day. He then diagnosed me with Bipolar II. This was based on my behaviors during my thirties and early forties. I say it was hormonal. I acted impulsively on a few occasions, and in my forties fell into a depression. He prescribed Lamictal. I found I became a bit too talkative a bit too much. This was late evening and probably Lamictal and Adderall together.

I was becoming more depressed and experiencing full body pain. I weaned myself off the lamictal. Figured at 56, I was taking way too much medication. He prescribed Sequel... I did not take it. Then, unfortunately, he had a stroke and retired. I was given the first Dr. who could handle new patients. The experience is so different. He seems so dull. I think it is to appear caring. After all the years... well, it is nice... but I think he thinks I'm nuts.LOL Mainly because the first Dr. prescribed such a strangely high dose of Adderall. Well, he decreased it... and may continue. Kept Klonopin the same and added Prozac, Nortriptyline, and Trioxene! I do not have Schizophrenia. Now I want a new Dr. He treats me as if I have never had any experience... even tells me how to try communicating with my husband. LOL I don't argue... don't protest... just got the scrips filled and will tell him at our meeting tomorrow, I can't tolerate it, or it is fine. He does not know me. Everything I say will make me sound all the more needing of medication. I just want to live again. I want to laugh until it hurts. I have a lot of back pain... we tried Cymbalta... insurance declined to cover that. It helped the pain... but I was dried up like a prune and a bit manic I'd say. I stopped the prozac because my muscles started tightening and I felt a sense of panic. I am now feeling all too often as if I'm on the edge of a Panic attack. That is what the Klonopin treats.
The two major concerns are: I am feeling bad, nervous, can't sleep, increase in pain, and depression is far worse; I am afraid to tell my Dr. for fear he will increase dosages of the drugs I really can't tolerate or think I'm a problem case and that is part of my problem. I never have been. If I switch Drs. (rural area and not many choices) they would read... she refuses to get well. (Just guessing)
Too much info.? Just delete if it is. It is the first time I went through the details with anyone. Thank you ... Justles