I was diagnosed with LIchen Planus 3 weeks ago but have been suffering for more than 8 months. They believe from the biopsy that it might be from the BP meds I take however when I questioned the Dr he waffled on the answer. The moment he said my meds could be causing it I stopped taking that particular medicine. He put me on metronidazole and had also given me topical steroid to use. Since being on the meds the Lichen Planus has continued to expand and new lesions have formed all the way from my toes to my scalp. The cream helped the tiny bumpy rash I had on my stomach area but that has now moved to my back, shoulders and upper legs. The cream did nothing to help the bigger lesions that were on my body. I'm so frustrated and it's definitely causing me some depression. He mentioned doing a 4 week dose of Prednisone but wanted to try the metronidazole first. prior to being diagnosed I was on a 12 day does of Prednisone for my asthma and it helped reduce the redness and other symptoms a bit but when I went off the Lichen came back with a vengeance and that's when the smaller bumpy rash started. If anyone has idea's or suggestions of things that have worked for them I'd be so grateful. I figured being off that BP med for 3 weeks and taking what the Dermatologist gave me I'd see some improvement but instead it's just gotten worse. This is affecting my relationship with my boyfriend, my work and that just makes me feel more isolated and sad.