Many years ago I tried Phentermine. It was a "miracle" drug. I lost 40 pounds in 2 months. About 6 months ago I tried it again and lost 0 pounds. I was so very disappointed. I did a little research and asked my doc for Belviq. He prescribed one pill a day. Everywhere I read it seems most people are taking the recommended 2 a day. I don't think my doc was very knowledgeable about Belviq. I was thinking of calling and asking if he would bump me up to 2 a day. I'm wondering from all of you out there taking Belviq, what dose are you taking and how is it working for you? Have any of you been on 1 a day and moved to 2 a day and if so was the weight loss more successful? I'm so desperate for this to work and I want to give myself the best possible chance. Thanks to you all and good luck in your weight loss! Happy New Year