Hi, I was wondering if someone could answer my question regarding subutex. My pain management dr. put me on subutex starting either tomorrow or the next day. it will only be until i go to my next appt. she put me on it because i had my meds stolen out of my car while i was at the E/R yesterday. but anyway, I once took Suboxone and got very very ill, in severe withdrawals. I didnt wait long enough before i took my last dose of Kadian, aka, morphine sulfate e.r. i ended up in the hospital sicker than a dog!! well, i know there is a difference between suboxone and subutex, but didnt know how to take it exactly. Do i have to wait until i am in full blown withdrawals to take the first dose of subutex? or can i take it when i start the withdrawals, early into it? if someone could shed some light, that would be great.. i have tried to look it up, but cant seem to find a solid answser.
thank you very much