Did you switch to Methadone? I had an allergic reaction to a medicine that I was prescribed for migraines and on Easter of 2009 I literally died. I flat-lined 3 times and was in a coma for 18 days. Then out of the grace of god a doctor came into my room in the middle of the night and decided to try to Eckmo (sp:) machine on me. IT WORKED! Thank goodness I did wake up and although I had to learn to eat, walk, speak, etc. all over again. All of my organs are 100%. But I ended up with horrible drop foot on both feet and we don't know why, but also horrible bilateral neuropathy. I have been through so many surgeries just so that my feet would actually work so that I could walk again, however we can't seem to control the pain of the neuropathy, because we don't know how I got it. Anyway, I was on 50 mg of the Fentanyl Patch and taking 30 mg of Oxycodone every 4 hours since 2009. 2 weeks ago I was sent to a pain management doc and he switched me to subutex. I worked great for my addiction I don't want a Oxycodone, however the pain is still HORRIBLE... I am taking 40mg a day of subutex and ZERO pain relief. My doctor wants me to come in tomorrow to switch me to Methadone. He says that will help with the pain. But I have heard soooo many bad things about Methadone and I am super scared. Isn't there anything that he can give me WITH the subutex for the pain? Please help!