I was taking 7 Loritab 10's a day. To get off I was prescribed 8mg of Suboxone. While taking them I felt like I was still going through FULL withdraws cramps headaches the whole 9. The doctor switched me to subutex 2mg and those seemed to alleviate withdraws. My two questions are.
1. Was I not getting the benefit of suboxone (was my body not getting the opiate in light of the fact my body rejected the naloxone) - hence was I already 3 days into full withdraws ? Should have just continued to push through with nothing ?
2. Is 4 mg of subutex going to be hard to get of ? I am wondering should I just scratch the subutex so I can not be dependant on anything ?>
The Subutex at a much lighter dose made me feel much better. My research tells me they are they same thing other then the 1 ingredient. Any insight is much appreciated. Thank You