I have been on 16 mg for 11 days... out of my mind in pain. I stopped taking it 39 hours ago. Today I took 2 percocet that I used to take for pain. They do not help. Does anyone know when they will and if I will suffer withdrawal. Advice... DO NOT START THIS FOR PAIN MANAGEMENT... IT DOES NOT HELP. My pain dr. would not prescribe it but said I could try it if I could find a dr. who does. My dr. has prescribed everything thing for my pain except methadone. He told me it helps for my type of pain but won't prescribe it. I have spent the past 11 days trying to find a dr.who does. I live in Pittsburgh. I know ANY DR. can but can't find one who will. I. Just want to die. The pain has destroyed my soul and life. Yes I have a psychiatrist and I am on mess for depression. ANY ANSWERS WOULD BE GRATEFULLY APPRECIATED BEFORE I DO SOMETHING STUPID.