Now the insurance company will not cover 2 2mg. tablets per day but will cover an 8 mg. tablet everyday. I've never taken that much and I took 4 mgs. today and it's too much. I have to call the insurance company to clear this up. I would rather have 2 2mgs. per day so I could ween down. I saw the psychiatrist who started me on this yesterday and now he says that I will have withdrawals coming off of this but he thinks that when I do get off of it I will not feel well. He thinks I need this because my opiate receptors are not working correctly. He also said that I could take vicodin instead of the subutex but he can't prescribe it to me and if I could find a doctor to do that it would work fine. He also said I could go to the place I had mentioned called The Summer House in Miami, FL. for a detox.

They use some kind of detox drink so you do not suffer but I would probably have to be there for at least a month and insurance only cover part of 10 days so it would probably cost me about 30-40,000.00 He did this to me, maybe he should pay? I'm so upset. I was put on this medication for major depression and anxiety disorder. I have never been addicted to any drugs. I've never tried heroin but I did take hydrocodone for migraines once in awhile and because it made me feel better and I told this to the doctor he said he had just the thing for me because he said my opiate receptors were not working properly. I should have looked into this more before taking it. I wish I never touched it. This is almost impossible to get off of. I just can't do it. Maybe it was just too sudden to do a cold turkey in the hospital when I was on 2-4 mgs a day but I just layed there and was so afraid and sick and I just can't even describe how awful it was. My Mother is also causing me a lot of stress lately. She is so depressed and refuses to see a therapist. She doesn't believe in that. She is taking zoloft but she just says that there is no hope for her because she can not live without my Father. I don't know how to help her anymore. I've made appts. She's missed them. She lives in a huge house where your neighbors are spread far apart and no one comes out really. She told me she would be willing to buy a house right near me and that we could slowly move her things (she has so much stuff). She shopped after losing two daughter's and having my Dad be sick but now she doesn't shop anymore, but now she says she can't move. She pretty much is turning into a hermit and is very depressing to be around. I promised my Dad I would take care of her but what am I supposed to do? Buy the house for her? I had her admitted to the hospital for a week and that did not even help, so? If I was well, I could handle this but I'm not unless I take the nb subutex and help her. I'm sorry to be such a pain. I think people on here are getting tired of me and I don't blame them one bit! If I didn't care and love my daughter's so very much I would end it all but that would ruin them for life and I can't do that. What a mess I am in. Thank you! Laura