Well another new guy folks, just found this site (recommended to me by my counsoler) and have found it to be very helpful, Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

I have just started taking subutex this week, been on it for three days. I was moderate/heavy abuser of oxys and hydros, for almost 15yrs. I have a pre-existing diagnosed anxiety condition. Several years ago I found that the pills got rid of my anxiety and gave me a great deal of pep... I was hooked instantly.

I have tried several ways to get clean and have opted for this avenue. I have been with the same girl for 4years; I was clean for the first 2 years and went back out about 18 months ago. My doctor is strictly above the board. My girlfriend is totally behind me going through this form of detox. She has been with me to see my counselor and my Sub Doc. In fact to be sure that I am taking the medication correctly she is giving me my dosages. She has seen me at my worst dope sickness, so understands my disproportionate anxiety that is associated with the withdrawal.

But what I am having trouble with is expressing to her this early out how anxious I get when getting ready to get my next dosage. She thinks a couple of hours between getting my meds is no big deal. Now I am sure in short time I will get my schedule set so that it is not as big of an issue but for now, how can I get her to relate to the stress taking that next dose cause just the unsettling feelings that start an hour or two before my next dose. She is (understandably so) of the opinion I am over just "drug seeking” when I cannot pin her down on a time to pick up my next dose? I am not sure how it is for everyone else but, I start to get really anxious this early in waiting to get the next dose, the heavy dts are just so fresh I just want to be as far away from that feeling than I can. Still better than the alternative, I just want to know if anyone has any ideas of how I can get her to understand what it’s like. I may not be making any sense but she has been so good to me I just want her to know I am not trying to get the high just stay away from the crazy anxiety!! bcjjzs