I just had a terrible scare last night, or more specifically at 1am - 4am this morning!
I awoke with excruciating!!! pain on my back, lower left side. I tried googling kidney stones vs muscle spasm to try and discern which I had. My husband has stones and I have seen the pain he has been in and of course my fear got the better of me. I was literally groaning like I was in labor. I was able to take an 800mg ibuprofen and something for nausea and was able to finally get some rest about 4am. I know that subs can cause difficulty in urination, or produce a shy bladder and I have been taking cranberry concentrate to help with this. My mind took me to the place of 'what if's'. What if this IS a kidney stone? What if I have to go to the ER ? What if I can not get relief due to suboxone? How WILL I get relief? At this moment, I am still unsure as to whether it is/was muscle spasm or stone. My back feels bruised inside and a dull ache.
Any advice and tips are greatly appreciated!!