ok so ive been verry stupid the last year and a half and got my self on the H, and even more stupid got given a few boxs of 8mg suboxone which i had been having half of a tab a day and then a quarter for a month or 2..any way i tried giving up cold turkey from id say 1.5 mgs and went 8 days basicly with nothing on the third day i was in pain but handled it then on 6th 7th and 8th day it has been that sickening and i have started a new job on the sixth day that today i gave in and had about 0.8 mgs cos i just couldnt handle it any more especially startind a new job..and felt better within 3 hours of taking it..now i have two weeks of work and then im off over seas for a week... so you can see my problem..my questions are... did i just blow my 8 days of withdrawrals by having that bit today or did i only take one step back, secondly... can i take a couple over seas with me..not being prescribed and all..thirdly would a doctor although not prescibing the drug to me would he give me some kind of letter of permission that i can have them on me?

and any more tips to get of this crap would be great..was almost thinking of doing the h a few months till the suboxone is out of my system and then giving up the h... as it sounds easier..