I am currently trying to withdrawl from suboxone, I initally had a problem with hydrocodone that my Dr. prescribed for my back that gives me terrible pain, anyway it began to suck the life from me I became physically dependant and took more than prescribed after building a tolorance..luckely it didn't last long and I dedeided I wanted off, an addiction specialist put me on suboxone and that was just substituting one oipate for another and kept telling me to keep taking it and coming in to see him which is very costly... I also made it clear I didn't want to take pain killers anymore..It was detroying my life, marriage, work, etc... so I have tried as best I could to taper off suboxone but it has not been easy... any suggestions for making it any easier... I do realized I will have to suffer at some point, someone has suggested to me xaxax could help with withdrawls from suboxone... and btw I blame my self and only myself for getting in this situation and also have been involved with NA..which helps to have support..thanks for listening..