Hello all, I was wondering what recommendations you guys had for getting off of suboxone. I have been on Suboxone for 6 months now after getting off of Oxy, Cocaine and Klonopin. I am at 4 mg of Sub right now. I am ready to break this habbit of having to "take something" to get through the day. I personally feel that Suboxone is a double edged sword. It works well for withdrawals and doesn't get you very high, but on the other hand it's like handing one addiction off to another. Anyways guys, if you have any good suggestions on how to tapper down properly then what i'll do is create a journal for each day and post it and try my best to video record it so others know what it's like. Let me give all the statistics of what i used.
50mg Oxycodone 2 years (when i got up to 50 is when i quit)
.5-1 gram coke 5 months
2-4mg klonopin 2.5 years
I quit everything in February and got on the Subs. The coke and Klonopins were cold turkey.