Hello Robert,

I hope I am posting this properly. I am a new "user" of this website but a frequent reader.
My name is Jen. I have been following you and this site off and on for a couple of years. I recently came back to be reminded of how to taper of subs. I saw your name again and thought how amazing it is that you are still here. I really appreciate the time that you take to help so many people. Thank you in advance for the help that I hope you will also give to me. I really don’t have the right words to express the way I admire what you do and thank you just doesn’t seem eloquent enough…Here are the details…
1. Pain med addiction from injury let to addiction 2 yrs ago. I have been on Sub for about 6 months. I have kept my addiction a secret from just about everybody. I get the subs from a “friend” not a doctor. I have access to as many as needed to kick this but can only get them in 8mg pills…No 2 mg pills or strips avail. Any hints or tips on how to break these up and accurately figure out how much I am taking would be appreciated. I don’t know what COWS is so I can’t offer you my #
2. I have been reading along and taking the advice that you have offered others along the way but not really accurately. I was taking 4 mgs a day for 4 mos then 2mg a day for 6 weeks.
3. Currently (for the past 12 days) I have been taking 2mg (one quarter) every other day. I am now trying to break these into smaller pieces but it is very difficult to be accurate. Then I took 1 mg on Tuesday morning and was doing fine until this morning. Sweats, belly pain, RLS, tears, anxiety and lack of sleep…I took another 1 mg this morning (I think it was 1 mg) and I am much better. It is too difficult to keep reading find someone in my same situation. Further, I am a strong believer that we each experience this differently. If fear that if I read that Joe Schmoe got elbow pain on day 12 then I am sure it will feel elbow pain on day 12…LOL Sad but true.
4. I will follow your instructions to the letter. I can only post mon-fri due to my fear of my horrific secret being found out. Could you possibly give me instructions for the next few days? I will write on Monday to give you an update. Also, I am interested in knowing what OTC meds/supplements/vitamins may work to help me make this as painless as possible.
5. I leave Feb 28th for a 12 day work trip to Hong Kong and I am hoping to be clean and withdrawal symptom free. I am willing to suck it up and suffer to make that happen. I think this challenge can be as good or as bad as my mind and my actions allow it to be.
6. Thank you again Robert for holding my hand through this. You are truly and angel here on earth. I am also thankful to all who post here and hope that they all realize that their thoughts and accounts of how this affects them personally is helping many people to kick this…me included.