Okay, so I have been on Suboxone for exactly a year now. I started out taking 1.5 peaking at one point to 2.5 day. I weaned myself down to 1 a day, half in the morning and half in the evening. After we switched Insurance companies @ work and the new company decided they would not fill the Suboxone I had to rapidly decrease my dosage. I got down to a quarter in the morning and a quarter in the evening and over this Memorial weekend I went 3 days without any and then when I couldn't stand it anymore on Monday evening I took a quarter. For the past 3 days I have taken a quarter and then this morning I took my last quarter.
I have to honestly say that the withdrawal I felt over the weekend was nothing compared to the withdrawal off of the 80 mg of Percocet I was taking a day for 10 years. I was mildy fatigued, but I could FORCE myself to get up and do stuff I had to. I had minor sweats/chills, slightly nauseous and mild stomach cramping. BUT the aching legs is the WORST part of it. And unlike most people who have posted on here, suboxone has Changed/Saved my life!!! I was one of those pill users who never had a problem getting it from Doctors, because I was pretty, well dressed and articulate, it never occurred to them that I was an addict. So I never bought them off the street, and never had a problem with anything other than opiates. But oh how they ruled my life. They changed me so much that I didn't even recognize myself... I stopped doing all the things I loved, became a major shopaholic... And my life revolved around if I had enough pills, the week-ends activities were completely contingent on how far I was into my most recent prescription.
I have absolutely NO regrets about getting on Suboxone. But now I am a little concerend about what I am going to be facing with the Suboxone withdrawals. As I previously stated, the withdrawals I experienced this weekend were VERY minimal, and I know that probably 60% of withdrawal is pyscholigical. But this weekend I always had in the back of my head that I had Suboxone to bail me out if it got TOO bad. From what I have read on these boards Suboxone withdrawal gets worse with time, instead of better... But I am ever hopeful that because of the way I tapered down and the minimal effects I experienced this weekend it will not be too bad.
Does anyone have a similar experience or advice they can offer me?