Hey everyone. i am on day 8 of my third try coming off of suboxone and wanted to know if anybody has any insight here.

the first withdrawal i jumped from 8mg to zero and that was no fun and on day 12 i took suboxone. i took suboxone (no more than 2.5mg max) for about two weeks and then had to get a surgical procedure done and decided to get off suboxone so that my pain meds could work... and yes i needed them the suboxone was not a pain med for me during this procedure. i was on the vicodin for about 10 days and waited to see how i felt after my last dose. i had one 8mg sublinguil film left and took that on a monday and took my last dose on that following friday. now it is day 8 since that last time.

i felt ok the first couple days but on day 5 i started having the nausea/gastrointensital problems/ chills/ insomnia/ restless legs/cry spells and i am just thinking to my self aggghhh this is the 3rd time ive had to go through this!!!

i wake up abruptly with chills and shakes and i am so annoyed. has anybody had a similar experience with this? i have no will to go back to the doctor for suboxone. i am just wondering if eventually this will go away. a quick response would be nice. thank you