I've been an on and off user of opiates for about 2-3 years now. It started light and as you can imagine rapidily increased. I was very big on Oxycotin, roxicet, opana, MS cotin. I recently received a very well job and need to pull my life together and stop being controlled by these drugs. I went to my doctor and told him exactly what I was going through and he gave me Trazadone to help me sleep and that was it. I decided to get about 6-8 suboxone pills to get rid of the cravings from all the other opiates and get on track. I took about a 2mg a day for about 3 weeks. After reading other people's posts it seems like people get severe withdrawals from subs. I stopped taking subs 2 days ago and I'm getting terrbile aches in my legs and nausea. I start my new job in two days. Does anybody have any suggestions? How long with this last for? Should I take more subs until I go see a different doctor so I don't go through WD? Is this from all the other shit I've been taking? I've been taking 80-120mgs of OC or equivilant for two years or so.