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Suboxone - What would happen if I have not had a sub in like 17 hours and took a methadone?

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missy2 5 Mar 2010

you need to ask marvel she would probably be the best person to talk with i just called barbles2413 and she didn't know. hope this has helped missy

subzero58 5 Mar 2010

hi nicole, when i was in rehab the doc told me he likes to keep people off methadone for at least 48 hrs. it may seem like a long time and i won't B S you it seemed like an eternity till i got my first dose of suboxone. i hear people on the clinic say as long as you wait 24 hrs you should not have a bad reaction with subs. if your not sure take your new meds in small doeses. at least you wont get majorly sick. i just looked in my literature i got from reck pharmacy they say 48 hours, but people on my clinic say 24. you know your body better then anyone else. good luck ... peter

mpvt 5 Mar 2010

Absolutely nothing would happen as the buprenorphine would block the methadone. You would have to wait 5-7 days before any opiate would have an effect. Better to stay clean and on the suboxone then to abuse any other opiates. I'm sure you know that leads to nowhere... Good luck... Dave free discount card

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