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Suboxone - what pain relievers can I use and how long after my dose of soboxone?

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Inactive 24 Jun 2010

You can use Tylenol, advil, aleve, aspirin or any generic of those medicines and you can use them as needed. You want to be careful with tylenol because it can get toxic in the liver if you take many per day. You can take any of these over the counter pain meds right after your suboxone.

lexus985 24 Jun 2010

Taking Suboxone creates a dilemma if you're looking for pain relief. The active ingredient of Suboxone is buprenorphine, a potent opiate-type painkiller. The longer you're on Suboxone, though, the more tolerant you become to the drug--- and the less effective it is for pain.

Suboxone also contains naloxone, a compound that blocks the effects of prescription opiate painkillers such as hydrocodone or morphine. These medications will not work while you're on Suboxone, as they're the type of addictive opiate drugs Suboxone is designed to treat. Also, doctors will more than likely not prescribe them to you, although that depends on the nature of your pain and the physician's analysis.

Inactive 24 Jun 2010

Very valuable and knowledgeable answer Lexus.

lexus985 24 Jun 2010

Being a nurse that is one thing I do know is my medications. Thank you :)

DanielleC1987 27 Jun 2010

Naxolone is for one purpose... to deter people from injecting/snorting the Suboxone. Once Sub is taken like it should... the Naloxone burns in the stomach and has little to no effect on the brain. Some people have a hypersensitivity but that's a different subject. What blocks other opiates is the Bup! So many people think it's the Naloxone and it's NOT! free discount card

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