..Hi, all, I was wondering if anyone could give me a full on, no sugar coating, answer to this question. I have been an opiate addict since 2001. Most recently am proud to say I have been clean and sober for 6 months with the exception of my sub maintenance which I have succesfully weaned down to 1 to 1.5 mgs daily with not much ill effects. Was on 8mgs before. I use xanax only on occasion for panic attacks and am on Adderall xr for severe ADD. Mind you I have not used or abuse illicit substances for over five years now, but I am at the end of my rope as far as the suboxone train goes and am just about ready to jump off. I have kicked heroin, and vicodin cold turkey in the past and felt absolutely blissfull after about 7 days of sheer hell. I even went to rehab for the subs w no success. My question is how long will it take for the sub wds to completely subside after stopping at 1 mg, or at the least how long would the worst of it last til I'm able to function normally again? I have been on them for 2 years! And am going through a split up with my sons mom of 9 years. I wake up every morning with thoughts of suicide until I place that tab under my tongue. My quality of life is not very good and I have custody of my son and do everything in my power to give him the best life possible. I just want my life back and am afraid that one day the feelings from the wd insanity will take too much of a toll on me and cause me to do something foolish. I love my 3 year old to death and am trying so hard but I am absolutely powerless over the thoughts that run through my mind when I'm without this medication. I was never a saint and I believe in god yet no amount of praying has been able to free me of this burden, and I am so tired. Any suggestions are more than helpful. I don't know what to do anymore. Thanks in Advance and god bless