Yesterday my 26 year-old son's new Sub doctor wrote him prescriptions for suboxone, Adderall (60 mg), and Valium (40 mg/day). My son is worrying about the side effects of the sub (bad constipation mostly) and wants to taper as fast as he can down from the 16 mg he is currently on. He hopes the Adderall (to focus at work) and Valium (to quell panic attacks and to sleep) will work for him to stay off opiates after he quits the sub, but in the past using this combination he has gone back to heroin... that is why he is on the sub now. Any advice on what he should do to get off it all, or at least stabilize on the sub for now? I've read that Adderall and Valium are a crazy combination to use, and also that addicts should stay away from benzos since they do bad things in the long run. I'm not too worried about him ODing on Valium and Sub, because the Sub controls most of his anxiety and panic and I believe he would at least start on maybe one pill a day of the Valium (10 mg). Its when he gets off the Sub that I worry what will he do then, go back to heroin right away again?
Any advice or insight into this bad situation is very welcome... need help.