I have been taking suboxone for 1.5-2 months now and am noticing some rather unpleasant side effects.

1. Sleepiness/drowsiness
- at times I will be so tired I will nod off in the middle of writing a text, driving, at work, etc...

2. Constipation
- I thought it was bad with vicodin... This has been way worse and PAINFUL! =X

3. Irritability/sensitivity
- I am not sure if I can say these are stemming from the suboxone or just the fact that I am getting clean, but I am incredibly defensive and sensitive. I also snap very easily. I find myself in fights that I normally would regard as childish.

Other than that, I have been feeling great. No cravings or anything to report. I am hoping to get off suboxone very soon, so I dont become dependant on it and because I could really do with the side effects.

I was just wondering if these side effects are the same for anyone else. And if so, how did you cope with them???

Thank you for your time!