I went to my Suboxone doctor yesterday and told her all the things that have been going on and she will NOT switch me to Subutex. It pisses me off because I get drug tested everytime I get a new script of Suboxone and I smoke trees here and there and when the test comes up positive for TCH my doctor threatens me with lower doses which makes me fucking withdrawl! I've been on 8mg since March and since my test was positive for TCH my Suboxone doctor only wrote me a script for 4 fucking tablets (that means I only have 4mg a day) and told me when I come back and have a clean urine she will put me back up on 8mg. I'm fucking pissed and I want to switch to Subutex. I think it's bullshit that Subonxone doctors can tell you everything is going to be okay but they just get you hooked on another form of dope. ANY SUGGESTIONS!!!