I was in Suboxone treatment on 8mg pill once a day for 9 months. Before checking myself in last January I was using 1-2 grams of herion a day. Now I am using herion again. I was cut off my Suboxone about 2 weeks ago or smoking pot. Yeah, I fucked up..I was withdrawling and i did some Vicodin then percocet then opana now I'm using herion again. I feel like a piece of shit because I didn't want to end up in this position again. I feel like when I started my treatment that I just replaced herion with Suboxone. Now I am in this fucked up position. Has anyone else been through this? I need some advice... I am seeing my counciler on Friday about the situation so I am hoping things will start looking up again. I want to go cold turkey but will I ever want to get high again? ... of course... so I dont know exactly what to do.